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How2Straight is a web based service, which uses unit libraries containing information about the needed roll positions to produce straight steel wire having a round cross-sectional geometry. How2Straight calculates and visualizes the roll adjustment data considering the specified process material properties wire diameter, yield point, modulus of elasticity) and the individual type of straightening unit.

The roll adjustment data is available for discrete, precomputed values of the process material properties. The available input values are accessible without a subscription to the service.

Since the data is based on a simulation, the results give a first approximation on how to best adjust the rolls. Some parameters of the real life setting cannot be accounted for and so further fine-tuning of the results may be required.


With the purchase of a subscription, you are granted a time limited, non exclusive license to access the adjustment data provided on this website.

The account for which you purchase a subscription may only be accessed by you, or employees of the company or other legal entity you represent.

You have to make sure that your access credentials (username/password) are not shared with 3rd parties (those who are not you or the company or legal entity you represent). Your account may be blocked if it is accessed by 3rd parties. In this case, the subscription fee will not be refunded.

Accounts that are not connected to a paid subscription for more than 3 months may be deleted.


The service may be inaccessible for short periods of time due to maintenance work, network issues or issues outside of our control.

The adjustment data is based on numerical simulations and is provided on an "as is" basis without warranty - express or implied - of any kind. WITELS-ALBERT GmbH specifically disclaims the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.